Container Drayage

Ground Force has staff on hand that know the ports and understand the importance of picking up within your “free time” so as not to incur demurrage and returning boxes back before Per Diem starts. We are proactive in watching how long your containers are out, insuring minimal or no additional fees from your SSL. We currently move containers in/out of every port and rail ramp in the U.S. as well as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Nova Scotia. Added cost savings are realized when street turning equipment or utilizing the containers for your backhaul freight.

We offer standard and triaxle chassis in order to expedite your shipments without waiting in line for dwindling chassis stock at the depots. Transloading is another compliment to our drayage program. We have strategically selected warehouses in or near ports to handle extreme overweight or damaged boxes, stripping them, and loading them back onto road trailers. In some cases this can save you money on the inland transportation costs. We can even handle your chemical or explosives containers as we have Hazmat certified staff members right in our office!