25 Nov

6 Benefits of Using a Freight Broker

As a freight broker, Ground Force is able to provide immense value to our clients. Instead of having to manage the multiple aspects of shipping and freight coordination, we are able to step in and handle the shipping process start to finish.  As a trusted partner, we handle everything from planning shipments, to finding the best pricing, identifying the ideal mode of transportation, making sure your products are insured, and more. Working with a freight broker with expertise and knowledge allows for companies to streamline the shipping process, save more on costs, and make sure their cargo is handled with care.

What is a freight broker?

A freight broker arranges and manages the shipping of goods from a shipper to receiver. They use a network of carriers that can move the shipper’s product throughout the world using various forms of transportation including ships, trucks, rails, and plane.

Why should you use a freight broker?

There are several reasons you would want to work with a freight broker. You should not have to worry about or concentrate on things like finding trustworthy carriers within your budget and time frame. When working with freight brokers, they will find the best shipping solutions for you and handle the all the details so you can handle your business.

Here are 6 benefits of using a freight broker:

1. They have personal relationships with carriers.

Brokers have an extensive carrier network all around the world and in almost every mode of commercial transportation. So, instead of you having to research schedules and pricing across multiple carriers, you can go through a single source for all territories and service types. Freight brokers typically have access to the best pricing, the ability to change capacity needs, and can ship your products in a time crunch if needed.

2. They use the latest technology.

Freight brokers engage with shippers and carriers constantly. This constant contact keeps them knowledgeable about what you want and what carriers need. Brokers can often offer tracking and tracing of shipments in one central place for multiple carriers.  No more logging into a dozen or more websites or calling terminals on the phone to find out where cargo is.

3. They provide flexibility with shipping modes and capacity.

Around the holidays, companies likely need to ship more product. In the middle of May, you might not need to ship as much. It may be difficult to work with carriers to change this capacity on an ongoing basis. Freight brokers can work with their carriers to provide more flexibility around your needs. You will not need to be tied to a specific carrier or price point. Instead, you will always be able to use the best mode of transportation at the best price available.

4. They handle issues if they arise.

If any issues may occur with your shipments, whether it be timing, damages, pricing, or other hiccups, brokers have more clout to smooth things over with carriers. Many brokers will also handle the legal side of transportation. They can handle claims, inventory issues, contracts, and documentation so you can stay focused on your business and not worry about the mundane.

5. They can save you money.

Brokers provide carriers with a large volume of business – that wins them better pricing than you would most likely be able to achieve on your own. Brokers also have more carrier options than a shipper would be able to manage on their own, further enabling better service, handling options, and pricing.  This all enables them to pass the savings as well as options from their extensive carrier network down to you -for all modes of transportation. BEWARE: some brokers will give you the cheapest price to get your business, even though it may not be the best mode of transportation or may not actually be available when it comes time for your shipment. A good broker will set the correct expectations and not simply entice you with an attractive rate.

6. They’re focused on their customers… you!

Like any business, customers are a priority. So, when you deal with a reputable freight broker, you can be sure that someone is working to meet your needs with a high-level of service – rather than dealing directly with carriers who are focused on simply moving your freight. Your freight broker will quickly become your transportation partner, as they begin to help you create a strategy to benefit your entire shipping process.

Why Choose Ground Force?

While freight brokers provide many benefits, you will need to find the right one. You want someone to be your trusted partner… not just someone who forwards you pricing, or worse, one that will only direct you to an online tool with no option to speak to a seasoned professional.  We have developed online pricing tools for the clients that wish to select carriers and receive pricing in an instant, but we also have a team of trained and experience professionals that are happy to, not only provide customer service and rates, but also assist in choosing the right carrier or transportation provider.  Expediting a pallet of boxed crystal products demands more care than a no-rush shipment of bricks, and not all carriers are created equal. We take the guess work out of shipping.

Many of our clients tell us that their experience with us is more important than finding the cheapest price. That’s why we take pride in our team and make sure to create a partnership with our customers and work to being a resource for them. Reach out to us today so we can learn about your specific needs!

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