Truckload & LTL Services

Our smart LTL logistics services are unparalleled at moving large freight volumes for clients and customers, but we get it; there’s more to large volume shipping than just moving full-capacity loads.

Here’s what we deliver when you choose Ground Force for your LTL shipping:

  • The latest and greatest transportation equipment and technology options available
  • Ongoing business efficiencies, maximized shipping capabilities, and increased productivity
  • Management of all shipping-related costs, data, and information
  • Flexible contracts, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, and guaranteed capacity and load optimization
  • Matching of the right cargo with the right transportation equipment
  • Location and delivery for everything you need to get the job done, even during demanding peak periods of the year
  • Dispatching, monitoring, and delivery of cargo in a cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner
  • Transparency regarding the status of your shipment
  • Professional resolution of claims

Why Work With Us?

Get Support from Our Team of Logistics Experts

Need to know the best day to book? Want to know which carrier is best for the job? When you’ve got questions, our team has the answers that will help you ship smarter. 

Your Shipments, Your Way

When you choose Ground Force, you get more than just a logistics company; you also get personalized solutions that help you achieve your business goals and improve your bottom line. 

Smarter Shipping, Every Time

Stop wasting time, stop waiting on hold, and stop spending too much on inefficient routes. Start shipping smarter now with bookings the way you want them. 

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