Broker: Unless otherwise specifically stated, Ground Force is a freight transportation broker. At no time will Ground Force be considered a CARRIER unless specified in writing Ground Force before a shipment is transported. If at any time Ground Force is listed on a Bill Of Lading or any other document as a CARRIER, it is understood and agreed that this listing is for the Shipper’s convenience only.

Rate Quotes and Pricing: Transportation rate quotes given by Ground Force are only valid for the exact information given at the time of the rate request. Quotations are upon availability. Any one piece of information that changes from the time of quotation to the time of delivery may greatly influence the rate. These pieces of information include but are not limited to the cargo dimensions, weight, commodity, packaging, and special instructions (special instructions include but are not limited to lift-gate needed, residential pick up or delivery, unpack, remove debris, inside delivery, appointment needed, trade-show / convention pick up or delivery, hazardous material). Ground Force will bill detention time at a rate of $120 per hour after 30 minutes free unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Ground Force has 30 days from the date of driver detention to notify the bill to party of any billable detention time.

Payment terms: Payment terms are Net 30 days from invoice date including weekends and holidays unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties. If an invoice is not paid in full after 30 days, Ground Force may charge a $50 late processing penalty, along with interest charges of 1.5% per month or partial month. If any invoice is not paid in full after 60 days from invoice date, the quoted, discounted, billed, and / or understood rate will be voided and the charges due will be at the Carrier’s full tariff rate (for common carriers) plus 15%, or $7 per mile for (contract carriers) plus 15%, or actual cost (for over dimensional or permitted shipments) plus 40%. All of the previous types of shipments would also have the Carrier’s fuel charge added, plus, but not limited to late fees, interest, legal and collection costs that Ground Force is allotted by law and these terms and conditions.

Insurance: The amount of insurance on any and all shipments is at the CARRIER’s limited liability unless a different amount is declared to and accepted by Ground Force in writing during the quotation phase. Writing or inserting insurance or declared value on a Bill Of Lading without requesting, in writing, additional insurance from Ground Force will NOT override this condition and may cause additional charges to be billed. Ground Force’s liability on any and all shipments is limited to $50 including negligence. Ground Force’s limit of liability includes but is not limited to: no liability for rigging charges, late penalties, delay to market losses, lost or missing freight, or damage. Ground Force is not obligated to, but may elect to assist another party in filing a claim. Any claim denial by the insurance company is final and Ground Force has no liability for claims or payments that are declined by the insurance underwriters or claims departments. Any complication that results in a claim will be dealt with as a separate transaction from the shipment. Freight bills are to be paid regardless of pending claims and may not be paid short unless agreed upon by Ground Force in writing.

Disputes: All disputes, claims and lawsuits of any nature whatsoever, that involve Ground Force or its affiliates, shall be brought only in either the State or Federal Courts in the State of New York, the personal jurisdiction of which the parties hereto irrevocably consent and submit, and to the exclusion of all other courts and jurisdictions.

Changes: These terms and conditions may be changed at any time without notice. Placing orders with Ground Force confirms the above is agreed to and understood.

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