Drayage Logistics

With drayage experts on staff, Ground Forces currently moves containers in and out of every port and rail ramp in the United States, as well as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Nova Scotia. Our team knows the ports and understands the nuances, such as the importance of picking up within your “free time” so as not to incur demurrage and returning boxes back before per diem starts.

Choose Ground Force to for smarter container drayage shipping, including:

  • Minimal or no additional fees from your SSL
  • Added cost savings when street turning equipment or utilizing the containers for your backhaul freight
  • Standard and tri-axle chassis to expedite your shipments without waiting in line
  • Strategically placed warehouses in and near ports to handle extreme overweight or damage boxes
  • Handling of chemical or explosives containers with hazmat certified experts on staff

Why Work With Us?

Get Support from Our Team of Logistics Experts

Need to know the best day to book? Want to know which carrier is best for the job? When you’ve got questions, our team has the answers that will help you ship smarter. 

Your Shipments, Your Way

When you choose Ground Force, you get more than just a logistics company; you also get personalized solutions that help you achieve your business goals and improve your bottom line. 

Smarter Shipping, Every Time

Stop wasting time, stop waiting on hold, and stop spending too much on inefficient routes. Start shipping smarter now with bookings the way you want them. 

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