All invoices will be sent here
Other than Proof Of Delivery

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(CLIENT) , and/or its

affiliates, located at
hereby request a shipping/transportation account with Ground Force, LTD. We(CLIENT) agree that all
invoices will be paid in full within 30 days of invoice date, including weekends and holidays. in the event
of late payment, we(CLIENT) also agree to be responsiable foe a $50 late penalty,in addition to interest
charges of 1.5% per month or partial month, or the highest rate allowed by law. We(CLIENT) also
understand and agree to the GroundForce terms and conditions ( located at, and that we(CLIENT) will be responsible for any and all collections
and/or legal fees incurred by GroundForce in attempt to collect payment.

All quotes given by GroundForce or affiliates are for commercial freight only, for freight going to and
from a commercial address, and should be considered "from dock to dock" with no driver assist or other
special instructions unless otherwise specified within the quotation.

We also understand and agree that GroundForce is at no time to be cosidered a "Carrier." if at any
time GroundForce is listed as the "Carrier" on any documents including but not limited to a Bill of Landing,
it is understood and agreed that this is for the shipper's convenience only.

Any complication including but not limited to late-delivery, damage, or shortage will be dealt with as a
separate transaction from the shipment. Freight bills are to be paid regardless of pending claims and
may not be paid short unless agreed upon by GroundForce in writing.

A faxed or e-mailed copy of shipment paperwork such as, but not limited to, a packing list or bill of
Landing will serve as sufficient backup for the purpose of proving GroundForce provided freight
transportation services.

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