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How Ground Force Logistics Transforms Luxury Retail Spaces in Florida 

While New York City might be the retail capital of the world, the Sunshine State is quickly becoming a hotspot for luxury retail. Florida’s booming luxury market demands top-tier logistical solutions, and Ground Force Logistics delivers. From smooth relocations to flawless remodels, we handle each project with precision and care. Here’s a peek at some of our standout projects in Florida, highlighting why luxury retailers trust Ground Force Logistics. 

Versace’s Orlando Relocation

The Vineland outlets in Orlando are expanding, and so are our customers. When Versace decided to relocate to a newer, bigger space, we were ready. Moving out of one store and into another over several nights required extensive effort and teamwork. 

Thanks to the Versace Team and our crew, who collaborated (and put in some extra hours!) we were able to ensure the new space was set up and running each business day with no interruptions. 

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Bottega Veneta’s Store Fixture Transfers 

Bottega Veneta, known for its luxurious fashion and accessories, needed a complete makeover of its fixtures at the Bal Harbour location. This was a perfect chance for our team to show off our expertise in store fixture transfer and installation. 

We approached this project with precision and care. Each fixture was carefully removed by our experienced team, ensuring no damage. These fixtures were then meticulously packaged and crated for safe transit.  

Once at Bal Harbour, our team set to work on the installation, recreating the elegant ambiance envisioned by Bottega Veneta. We made sure every fixture was securely anchored, bringing the brand’s vision to life. 

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Miu Miu’s Remodel

When Miu Miu needed to remodel their Bal Harbour location, our team was their trusted partner to make it a seamless transition from start to finish. The transformation began with a meticulous move-out process, where we carefully removed all merchandise and fixtures and ensured each item was handled with the utmost care. 

We then stored reusable goods locally. and professionally packed and crated fixtures for safe transport while sticking to the tight remodel timeline. 

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Balenciaga’s Double Store Move-Out 

Our Retail & Construction Division took on a double whammy task in the Miami Design District, deinstalling the largest Balenciaga storefront in the United States. This two-story boutique, housing both men’s and women’s collections. 

Over several mornings, our dedicated team deinstalled the entire store, removing all merchandise and fixtures with precision. By the end of the project, we left the space as a clean slate ready for the landlord’s new tenant. 

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Planning Your Next Retail Construction Project in Florida? 

When it comes to retail projects in the Sunshine State, Ground Force Logistics is always up for the sunny challenge! Whether it’s relocating, renovating, or simply sprucing up your space, our team ensures every detail is handled with care and precision. 

Contact our team to learn more about how we can help with your next retail construction project in Florida! 

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