08 Mar

Ground Force to the Rescue!

Imagine logging into your freight carrier’s website, only to find out their system is down and you have no idea where your cargo is.  

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In early 2021, a major carrier experienced a ransomware attack, leaving them unable to track their cargo, and therefore leaving customers with no information on their freight. As you know well, the location of your cargo is business-critical information, and unfortunately, at this time, the carrier couldn’t provide that service to their customers, and instead, had to turn to routing cargo by hand. 

Luckily, the Ground Force team was able to put our customers at ease throughout the incident. Because of our up-to-the-minute cargo tracking, we had a record of when and where our customers’ cargo was last checked in and where it was headed next with its expected arrival time – even though the carrier was unable to access this information themselves. This was great news for our customer base, because in one instance, for example, our team was able to identify the cargo’s last terminal as having been in Ohio that very morning, meaning the next terminal would be Minneapolis. With this information, we were able to determine the exact timeline with a simple phone call. 

Here’s what you need to know if this happens to you: 

The Ground Force team has your back, and our smart technology will be in place if and when a major event like this happens again. Our customer service team is second to none, and will always go the extra mile for our clients. 

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