01 Aug

Ground Force Checks-In to Support Luxury Hotel Renovation

Ground Force Partners with Victory WoodWorks on San Francisco Hotel Renovation

At Ground Force, we are always looking forward to which unique project will come our way next. We are pleased to share that we were able to contribute to new hotel construction on the west coast in January 2019.

The $30 million renovations took place on what was formerly the Holiday Inn San Francisco Civic center, which after top to bottom renovation would reveal the new and fresh lifestyle hotel, BEI San Francisco in spring 2019.

Due to the immense changes and updates that were taking place in the hotel, the original schedule was estimated to be 30 weeks. We were more than eager to assist on this project with Victory WoodWorks, knowing we could support the needs of the materials transport flawlessly in order to keep the project on schedule.

With large renovation projects like this one, it’s imperative to ensure the necessary materials arrive at the site on-time at each milestone of the schedule, promising for a productive and efficient construction process that allows all vendors to do their job at the right time.

That’s where Ground Force comes in…

Over an 8-month period of time, we received over 8,000 square feet of material for the interior renovation of the hotel. Ranging from bedding and furniture to millwork, to lighting. As needed, we picked up the necessary materials from inventory for each phase and delivered them to the contractors for assembly and installation.

Jason Leese, project manager at Victory WoodWorks, stated “I am very happy with the services [Ground Force] has provided. I appreciate all you and your team have done for us and look forward to working with you again in the future. You guys are the best.”

Our last delivery was made on June 6, 2019. To our knowledge, the hotel is open however minor renovation and cosmetics are still being worked on. BEI Hotel San Francisco is located on 50 8th Street, San Francisco, California.

At Ground Force, we look forward to continuing taking on exciting projects like these. Learn more about what we do at www.groundforcelogistics.com.

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