20 Aug

The Perfect Match: Ground Force + McWil Squash Support the Story of an American Sports Dream

Ground Force recently

had the pleasure to deliver and represent McWil Squash and

Squash engine across the country. We were able to work with the purveyors of professional squash courts and the organizers of the PSA for World Squash.

Little America / Dream is a new, up and coming series that is all about what the American Dream embodies. We were actually able to assist in the episode which was centered around a young woman by the name of Reyna Pacheco.

Pacheco came to the United States as an undocumented immigrant and later become a professional squash player. She is now ranked as high as 77th in the world, as well as a successful Goldman Sachs employee.

As you can imagine we were eager to be the chosen provider to deliver the Squash court and equipment to the historical Train Terminal in Liberty State Park, New Jersey, where they filmed the sporting segments of Pacheco’s career.

We are always proud to be part of such unique stores and we strive to bring awareness to what we do and the wonderful brands and companies we get to collaborate with.

Ground Force offers unique services from innovative tech companies, construction, retail and design, special events, and commercial freight needs. These projects require specialty services, detailed planning and project management, and careful transport of materials that make all the difference when working with large organizations and world-wide brands.

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