25 Aug

White Glove Services with Ground Force Logistics

Oftentimes, when you’re shipping goods, the focus lies on getting goods from point A to point B as quickly as possible. As you likely know, many freight trucking companies only take responsibility for the movement of freight, with no added services or support.

In actuality, transportation services can benefit from a few extra bells and whistles to make for a smooth shipping experience. 

What is a White Glove Service?

White glove service meaning: a white glove service is an increasingly known term in the logistics and transportation industry. So what does white glove service mean? 

Usually the term “white glove service” refers to professionals wearing white gloves that provide a high level of service, like a sommelier or chauffeur, but there’s more to white glove services than a literal pair of white gloves.

White glove services refer to premium delivery services with extra care and attention to details that many typical providers do not or cannot offer —services which are above and beyond getting goods from point A to point B. Often, white glove services are utilized in shipping fragile items, or for add-on packing or delivery needs.

In addition to simple inside deliveries, Ground Force Logistics provides these premium white glove services to our clients—services which are much more than just trucking and a loading dock delivery!

Here are four key benefits to taking advantage of our white glove services:

Premium Managed Transportation Services for Moves In and Out

In addition to simple inside deliveries, Ground Force Logistics handles moves in and out of a variety of buildings, including:

  • Single Offices
  • Entire Office Buildings
  • Inside and Residential Deliveries
  • Retail and Department Stores
  • Multi and Time-Staggered Construction Deliveries

Our white glove services provide our customers the ultimate level of shipping care from start to finish, with support from our knowledgeable logistics team along the way.

Seamless Inside Deliveries

With Ground Force’s white glove services, an inside delivery is more involved than simply bringing goods indoors. Whereas standard freight delivery might entail just the transportation of goods from truck to curbside, with our white glove services, clients get so much more, with offerings such as packing, transportation, loading and unloading of goods, scheduled appointments, as well as unpacking the shipment with multiple delivery personnel, and removal of debris and packaging.

Prior to delivery, our team identifies the right amount of time, labor, and equipment needed to correctly perform the job, which helps ensure there are no delays or complications at delivery..

Unmatched Logistics Management

Our team understands how complex and unpredictable the logistics industry can be, and our customers rely on us to be a resource. Ground Force offers the personal details often lost in the transportation industry, which, when paired with true knowledge and expertise, makes for a seamless customer experience.

Our vast logistics experience with buildings, malls, trade-shows, event locations, and job sites of all shapes and sizes ties together our expertise and our customer service—we’re able to easily navigate the requirements for entering sites before jobs even begin, often before our clients even know about the special needs of such locations.

Warehouse Storage When You Need Retail Storage Solutions

When it’s time to move out of one building and into another, but you aren’t ready to accept your goods in the new location, Ground Force is here for you! We can store your merchandise for you as long as you need! We have warehouse storage in almost every major city in North America, available for your retail storage and merchandise storage solutions. 

From routine skidded or crated cargo, to retail displays, to overweight copper coils, our staff has the experience to arrange for the proper handling of clients’ cargo using the right equipment—we’re talking extended forks, jib-cranes, drum grabbers, and overhead lifts in addition to loose or skidded product.  We can also offer per skid, as well as weight-based warehousing rates for both short and long term storage.

Get the White Glove Delivery Service Experience

When you need to enlist a reputable logistics company, pick one that goes the extra mile! Ground Force Logistics’ white glove services are the icing on the cake for any high profile, or demanding shipment with special requirements. Contact us today at (212) 964-4700 to experience the best white glove services in the industry.

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