25 Aug

3 Necessities for Transporting Your Project’s Construction Materials

Working in the construction industry, keeping projects running according to plan is probably top of mind all the time. Whether you’re planning residential buildings, retail fit-outs or remodels, specialized industrial construction, or infrastructure and heavy construction, getting your materials where you want, when you need them is crucial to keeping your project rolling according to plan. Late construction deliveries, insufficient unloading or delivery capabilities, and even early deliveries can easily disrupt a project’s schedule, set its schedule back, and cause budget overruns.

Logistics is at the heart of every successful project, and working with a trusted logistics company makes all the difference in your projects.

Partnering with Ground Force Logistics on your construction logistics plan ensures you’ll have these three key benefits:

1. The Proper Equipment to Move Construction and Building Materials

Often, job sites have the necessary equipment that’s needed to offload construction materials from the truck to the job site upon arrival…but this isn’t a given. In fact, just as many job sites don’t have that equipment on hand. 

With the proper planning and equipment available, Ground Force ensures your building construction materials can be offloaded upon arrival, keeping your delivery and project on schedule. Our team has access to flatbeds with moffetts, tittable decks, knuckle booms, and roll-off equipment for easy unloading and placement of larger materials on the job site.

2. Familiarity with Construction Site Logistics Plans

We understand that construction needs vary, and even the most delicately planned projects can have surprises along the way. Our team is adaptable, and able to work closely with yours to ensure your freight makes it where it needs to go, when it needs to get there. We can even stage all of the materials locally to the project for on-demand deliveries. No more waiting for needed shipments.

A common situation we’re aware of is some job sites which are unable to accept deliveries during normal business hours, requiring special handling on site. Unlike many carriers, Ground Force arranges for before or after-hour deliveries, multi-man inside deliveries, floor protection, uncrating, and even debris removal.  Our team will do whatever it takes to keep your plan on track!  

3. Union Drivers and Deliveries

In certain markets, the Ground Force team can accommodate deliveries by union drivers. Sometimes, locations require union or teamster labor, and this can include the delivery drivers. Many carriers chosen by shippers do not have these types of employees. Ground Force frequently assists customers with union member drivers so that the construction crews are not left waiting on materials to complete the project.  

Amp Up Your Construction Logistics

At Ground Force Logistics, our goal is to make construction site deliveries as stress-free as possible for you, so your project can progress according to plan. Our time-saving methodology begins with a simple phone call—to get started, please contact our team at (212) 964-4700 to discuss your construction logistics needs. 

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