09 Sep

Everything You Need to Know About Drayage


What is Drayage?

In its most basic form, drayage typically refers to the process of transporting containerized goods via truck before or after being moved on rail or ship. The drayage process may include trucking of container cargo from port to port, moving the cargo to or from a port or rail yard where it begins the next leg of its journey, or trucking the cargo to its final destination.

6 Reasons to Trust Ground Force Logistics With Your Container Drayage

1. You Benefit from Both Short-Haul & Long-Haul Drayage

While drayage does typically refer to short distance movements as part of a larger supply chain process, at Ground Force Logistics, we’re fully equipped to manage both short and long-haul drayage moves. 

2. Fleet of Trucks with Sleeper Berths

Many other logistics companies actually limit drayage runs to 200 miles. Ground Force Logistics frequently performs drayage moves of higher mileage for high-value shipments, if the lack of packaging makes handling the cargo too costly, or if time is of the essence

3. Less Handling of Your Cargo 

Because of our ability to effectively perform long-haul drayage runs, your cargo is handled less, and the risk of damage is reduced. You also benefit from fewer costs for handling, your delivery times speed up, and your supply chain is more streamlined. 

4. Greater Cost-Efficiency

Longer-haul drayage deliveries tend to be cost-effective for distances up to 600 miles (after this point transloading may be a complementary option). However, for delicate, high-value, or hard-to-unload cargo, long haul drayage is a service we provide. Our team also proactively watches how long your containers are out, helping control and even eliminate container usage or per diem charges from your steam ship or rail line.

5. We’re Where You Are

We currently move containers in and out of every port and rail ramp, as well as in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Nova Scotia. We also have strategically selected warehouses in and near ports for handling extreme overweight or damaged containers, where we’re able to strip them and load them back onto road trailers.

6. We Know What We’re Doing

At Ground Force Logistics, we have staff on hand who know the ports inside and out, and understand the significance of picking up within your “free time,” preventing demurrage, and returning your containers before per diem begins. We can even handle your chemical or explosives containers, as we have hazmat-certified professionals on the Ground Force team!

Work With a Logistics Company that Specializes in Drayage

With new knowledge of our drayage offerings at Ground Force Logistics, we know you may have additional questions or be interested in booking your next job. To speak with a drayage expert, call (212) 964-4700.

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