18 Nov

How We Use Logistics Technology to Get Sh*t Done

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Logistics and technology go hand in hand. When it comes to getting your freight from point A to point B, working with an innovative logistics company can make all the difference in getting your goods to their destination safely and on time in order to please your customers and colleagues. 

Often, you’ll likely come across companies whose primary focus is technology—not logistics. They’ll try to dazzle you with fancy online systems, but likely don’t have the strong foundation based in logistics management that Ground Force Logistics does. At Ground Force, we’ve researched and implemented the right technology to complement what we’re already doing…not the other way around. We take advantage of the latest logistics technology as part of our everyday routines, making the movement of our clients’ freight as seamless as possible. 

Here are a few of the supply chain and logistics technologies we use daily:

Online Quoting System

We often hear about customers’ past experiences getting shipping quotes with other logistics companies, and they either spent way too much time on hold listening to elevator music for quotes by phone, or had to email company after company to get rates. To combat this common complaint in our industry, we developed an online quoting tool, which allows anyone to register and get shipping rates from our expansive network of carriers without manually finding and managing rates yourself…all within a minute. 

While some other companies may have caught on to this void in the logistics industry and created an online LTL rater of their own by now, Ground Force Logistics is the only company with an online system that provides pricing for not only LTL, but also real-time rates for truckload, flatbed, and drayage at the few clicks of a button.

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Real-Time GPS Data

We understand, as a business operating a fleet of company vehicles, it’s important to know where those vehicles are, and also what the location and status of our customers’ freight is.  At Ground Force, our freight division has GPS in each of our drivers’ trucks, allowing for real-time information regarding the location of our vehicles and drivers, as well as our clients’ assets.  GPS also helps effectively plan routes, be informed about potential delays, increase efficiencies on the road, and better communicate with our customers.

Mobile Apps

Our company drivers have mobile apps that allow them to check-in and out of locations. When they do so, emails are automatically sent to our customers when trucks arrive and depart, as well as at intervals, advising our customers of trucks waiting and incurring extra detention charges. These apps allow for two-way communication which gets information to our drivers, as well; there’s no need to call drivers with addresses because they already have it on their mobile device. Data is electronically transferred in real-time via API, making it much more accurate and safer than a phone call.

Driver Safety 

By implementing apps for our drivers, we’ve minimized distractions from ringing phones. We’ve also placed dash cams in each of our company trucks, which provide video evidence of our drivers’ interactions on the road. 


Instead of only responding to customer orders through phone, fax, or email, we also use Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI.  EDI is a computer-to-computer communication that eliminates the need for human interference and shuffling papers. With the entire order process managed efficiently via computer, we are able to accelerate the process for our customers and their shipments and eliminate any keystroke error that may occur in the literal sea of ocean container numbers.

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