29 Oct

Trucking Terrors: How to Prevent the Scariest Logistics Situations

2021 has been a doozy for the logistics industry and supply chain as a whole; as we approach the holiday season, there are many scary unknowns (even the notoriously popular seasonal retail chain Halloween Spirit has been struggling this year).

Despite the uncertainty ahead, there are a number of frightening logistics scenarios we’ve seen for years. Here are 5 of the scariest logistics situations you could find yourself in without the right logistics company by your side.

Freight Truck Breakdowns

When it comes to getting your goods from point A to point B, one of the most frightening events that can take place is for the truck carrying your freight to break down.

Here are usually 3 major reasons trucks break down:

  1. Tires are the leading cause of truck issues, accounting for over half of all roadside failures. They can cause truck issues for several reasons, including under-inflation, low tread depth, and misaligned axles.
  2. Brakes are another important component of trucks which can cause breakdowns. Semi-trucks have disc and drum brakes which are constantly exposed to heat, pressure, and friction. Without regular maintenance, this can put the vehicle at risk for a breakdown.
  3. Age may seem obvious, but it’s true; older trucks with years of wear are more likely to break down.

Roadside issues aren’t always predictable, but choosing a logistics provider with modern, maintained equipment, as well as a network of vetted carriers can help minimize the risk of your freight ending up on a broken-down truck.

Poor Communication

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times…other logistics companies don’t always communicate essential information to their clients. Whether it’s dealing with the scary unknowns of not knowing where a shipment was, or not being able to get the right answers at the right time, it can be frustrating working with a logistics company who doesn’t have your back.

When you choose Ground Force Logistics, you benefit from:

  • An entire logistics team at your fingertips
  • Fast response times
  • Communication your way, whether by phone, email, or chat
  • A dedicated customer service agent who cares

Schedule Disruptions

One issue that’s come into the spotlight throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is an increase in waiting and unloading times at shipping and receiving sites. This has caused major backups for drivers at gates and docks and impacted deliveries. In part, this has come about due to labor shortages, but there are also COVID-19 screening precautions in place in many locations, which has impacted wait times, as well. Even if a receiver or shipper is fully staffed, if there are underlying labor shortages at docks, for instance, the high volume can create congestion and significantly impact schedules.

Choosing Ground Force as your logistics partner during this hectic time for the supply chain will ensure:

  • You’re choosing the best possible shipping mode
  • You have a vast network of niche carriers to help get the job done
  • You have a team behind you, clearly communicating as much information as possible regarding the status of your shipments

Unexpected Pricing

Countless times, we’ve heard of clients who were quoted one price by a logistics company, and got a bill for another; with Ground Force, that’s not the case. We’ve developed a custom online quoting system that provides real-time, accurate shipping quotes in under a minute; if you’re not sure about using our online system, we’ve also got a team of logistics experts who will provide hands-on customer service to get you an accurate quote for your job…no scary surprises.

Don’t Get Spooked—Choose Ground Force Logistics

The best way to prevent scary logistics scenarios is to choose a trusted logistics partner. Get the best force behind your freight with Ground Force Logistics—no matter your business goals, we’ll provide the most reliable logistics services that’ll get the job done.

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