2022 logistics trends
06 Jan

The 2022 Logistics Trends You Need to Know

2021 was an unpredictable year for the logistics industry. Due to the ongoing pandemic, shipping delays, backed up ports, and the now-infamous phrase “supply chain issues” plagued the world of logistics. Deliveries were impacted globally, causing shortages around the world on grocery store shelves (and we’re not just talking about toilet paper). 

As we start a new year, many outcomes are still uncertain, however there are several logistics trends predicted to shape 2022. Here are 3 trends we’re expecting to see this year. 

1. A Localized Supply Chain

Though it wasn’t that long ago getting same-day deliveries was rarely an option, these days, many consumers expect and rely on ordering an item and receiving it almost instantaneously.  

Because of this need to fulfill orders same day, the supply chain will be localized, essentially meaning stores and urban fulfillment centers will be fulfilling more and more orders locally, as opposed to shipping goods from across the country. 

2. An Increase in Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Consumer behavior has shifted drastically, and suppliers and shippers need to get goods to the customer faster and cheaper than ever. Last mile delivery solutions will continue to be a way for logistics companies to reach these efficiency targets customers require. 

A company’s last mile delivery will be the most essential part of the delivery process. Essentially, it refers to the last step of the delivery process and occurs at the point at which the goods make their way from a transportation hub to their destination such as a retail storefront.  

In an efficient last mile delivery process, goods make it from the transportation hub to the customer as soon as possible, through a strategic plan involving sorting and delivering the goods as efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively as possible, benefitting both the company and the end-recipient. 

3. Crowdsourced Delivery Through Multiple Shipping Partners

Because of the consumer demand we’ve covered, it’s going to be imperative to embrace crowdsource delivery through multiple shipping partners in 2022. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2028, around 90% of retailers expect to use crowdsourced delivery as opposed to relying on one carrier to get their goods from point A to point B, which likely won’t get the job done on time or for the most cost-effective shipping rate.

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