17 Jun

The 7 Things Every Luxury Retail Buildout Needs

For high-end retail shops, designing and building out a unique space is key to crafting the perfect customer experience. Whether you’re renovating your store, rolling out updated fixtures, or building a new luxury retail store from the ground up, there are 7 key details your retail construction will need.

1: Accurate Budgeting

When you’re planning a retail construction project, there are many moving parts, and keeping up with all of the expenses associated with your project can easily get out of hand. When choosing a logistics company to partner with, you’re going to want to look for a company that provides you with accurate and transparent budgeting up front, sticks to that budget, and ensures you don’t end up with massive, unexpected costs at the end of your luxury construction project. When you work with Ground Force Logistics, you benefit from our team of logistics experts who will help you realistically budget for your project, alerting you to any changes as they arise and seeking approval before racking up unexpected costs.

2: A Realistic Timeline

In addition to accurate budgeting, your retail construction project also needs a realistic timeline. While the thought of completing your project in two months might sound like a dream, the reality is sometimes there are scheduling changes, supply delivery delays, and construction projects that simply don’t go off as initially planned. For example, often deliveries by FedEx or XPO aren’t completed because the driver is blocked on the construction site; delayed deliveries due to poor logistics planning can delay your project by several days.
Because of this, it’s vital your logistics partner can present you with a practical timeline, communicate and pre-plan effectively, and pivot as needed without causing issues to the supply chain.

3: Expert Project Management

To make sure your retail construction project goes off without a hitch, you’re going to need to choose a company who can provide expert project management. This will not only ensure your vision comes to life but will make sure it happens as efficiently and stress-free as possible for your team.
When you choose Ground Force Logistics for your retail construction project, our team manages all the moving parts, such as communicating with contractors on your behalf and ensuring quality work, so you don’t have to. You also have a designated point of contact on our team to answer any questions about your project.

4: Useful Vendor Connections

Choosing the right vendors for your luxury retail construction project is key to achieving an impressive finished project that conveys your store’s unique brand and attracts shoppers. For every luxury retail construction project the Ground Force team manages, we make sure to source only the most qualified, dependable, and experienced vendors in your local area to ensure the final product is of the highest quality work.

5: Safety

Retail construction projects come with their own unique set of logistical requirements, such as safety considerations, permits, and insurance. Before committing to working with a logistics company for your project, you’re going to want to make sure the company is up to date on all safety considerations to prevent liability issues down the road that could result in injury, additional costs, and setting back your project timeline.

6: White Glove Services

White glove services are the icing on the cake for retail construction projects, referring to premium delivery services with extra care and attention to details that many typical providers do not or cannot offer. White glove services go above and beyond getting goods from point A to point B. For luxury retailers, white this could include specific shipping and handling of fragile items or rolling out ornate décor and rugs that need to be handled with the utmost care.

7: Logistics Company with Retail Experience

Choosing who to work with on your retail construction project isn’t just about going down a list and picking a logistics company; you’re going to want the company to have specialized experience in retail to ensure your store’s design effectively comes to life through expert project management and industry connections.
The Ground Force team has a designated retail expert with 20 years of experience working with luxury retailers to expertly bring their projects’ visions to life.

Let’s Plan Your Next Retail Construction Project Together

When you’re planning a luxury retail construction project, you aren’t going to want just one or two of these retail construction essentials we’ve covered; you’re going to need all of them, and that’s where Ground Force Logistics comes in. For help kicking off your next retail construction project, get in touch with our team here.

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