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31 Oct

Ship Smarter with a Global Network of Logistics Carriers 

When it comes to shipping your freight, you’ve got options. While there are countless carriers and services that will promise to get your goods to their destination, not all shipping experiences offer the same experience. Working with a logistics company like Ground Force Logistics, which has a global network of carriers, offers many unique advantages that will not only move your freight, but will do it smarter. Keep reading to learn how these perks will benefit your business. 

How Do Logistics Networks Work? 

Logistics networks are made up of transportation vendors that work together to provide logistics services to customers, allowing freight to move from its point of origin to its destination as efficiently as possible.  

At Ground Force Logistics, once an order is tendered, the behind-the-scenes magic begins for our clients who benefit from our full-service, personalized services managed by a team of logistics experts. Our company has the domestic and global vendor connections that allow us to manage shipments every step of the way, whether your goods are moving on a truck, train, plane, cargo ship, or to a warehouse. 

While each carrier has its own set prices for handling shipments, which can vary widely depending on factors such as distance traveled, we work closely with you to find the smartest rates and best carriers to get the job done. 

Benefits of a Global Network of Carriers 

When you work with a logistics company like Ground Force Logistics, you benefit from the scale and expertise of our entire network of carriers. This means that they can negotiate more favorable rates from their own vetted network of carriers, maximizing savings for you and bringing operational efficiencies to the table. 

For example, if a shipment needs to be repositioned to avoid delays or disruption due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, we have access to many different options for where your freight can go next. And if one option doesn’t work out as planned because there’s an issue along the way? No problem! We will pivot to the next solution. 

Experts in International Trade 

When shipping across borders, global carriers know the rules and regulations, as well as local customs and regulations to help you navigate the complex world of importing and exporting goods, especially when you’re trying to clear cargo through customs. 

Greater Efficiencies 

By working with a global logistics carrier, you can reduce costs and increase your bottom line. A network of logistics providers will help you: 

  • Improve visibility across the supply chain by providing an end-to-end view of your goods 
  • Reduce errors, which can cost time and money to fix 
  • Provide better customer service as they handle shipping requests quickly and accurately 
  • Increase productivity because goods arrive faster at their destination. 
  • Improve cash flow by streamlining processes  

Single Point of Contact 

A global logistics services provider can offer one point of contact to manage all your logistics needs. This means a single company will handle everything from freight forwarding and shipments to customs clearance and transportation. 

Keep Your Freight Moving 

Logistics companies have a global network of transporters, so they can match your shipment with the best carrier and rate combination for any given route.  

Save Time and Money 

As a shipping company, you’re always looking for ways to decrease your costs and speed up your shipments. You work with global logistics companies because they can offer you better discounts on shipping rates, faster transit times, and more reliable service than a local carrier. 

Global logistics companies are experts in international trade and have established relationships with customs brokers worldwide. This means that when you ship with them, freight gets cleared quickly without delays caused by language barriers or unfamiliarity with local regulations. 

Ship Smarter Now with Ground Force Logistics’ Worldwide Network of Logistics Vendors 

Ground Force Logistics is a global logistics provider that offers its customers access to a worldwide network of freight forwarders, customs brokers, and other logistics providers. 

With our extensive network of vendors, we can help you find cost-effective shipping solutions for any kind of cargo.  

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