Truckload / LTL Services

Ground Force’s truckload service is unparalleled at moving large freight volumes for clients and customers. However, as far as Ground Force is concerned, there’s more to large volume shipping than just moving full-capacity loads. We understand that it is not just about an effective rate, but the rate has to come with a truck.


To offer the kind of professional services that other transportation providers talk about, but do not always deliver, Ground Force trains our staff to:


  •  Offer the latest and best transportation equipment and technology options available
  • Provide on-going business efficiencies, maximize shipping capabilities and increase productivity
  • Manage all shipping-related costs, data, and information in a systematic manner
  • Provide flexible contracts, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, guaranteed capacity and load optimization
  • Match the right cargo with the right transportation equipment
  • Locate and deliver what the customer needs, even during demanding peak periods of the year.
  • Dispatch, monitor, and deliver cargo in a cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner
  • Keep the client and customer apprised of their shipments at all times
  • Deal professionally with any claims, disputes and problems that arise and resolve them in an equitable manner


For Ground Force, our focus is always about being the best and offering the most dynamic transportation solutions available. We will prove it to you on each and every shipment.