A Hidden Gem in Greenwich, CT: Betteridge’s Watch Repair Service Transformation.

Greenwich, Connecticut is known for its picturesque landscapes, affluent residents, and upscale shopping. Nestled within this charming town is Betteridge, a part of the Watches of Switzerland Group, renowned for its exquisite timepieces and top-tier customer service. However, there’s a hidden gem behind the scenes – their back-of-house Watch Repair Service area. It’s the heart of Betteridge’s commitment to excellence.

Betteridge’s recent transformation of this watch repair service area in Greenwich, CT is a testament to their dedication to quality. Here’s an exclusive look behind the scenes, showing how Ground Force Logistics, in collaboration with the project management and construction teams of Watershed and Hirsh, made it all possible.

The back-of-house Watch Repair Service area, from servicing intricate timepieces to restoring vintage watches, is where the magic happens.

When a space needs a complete overhaul, every detail matters. Ground Force Logistics was entrusted with the task of ensuring the smooth removal and reinstallation of the entire area. A project of this scale required a skilled project management and construction team. Watershed and Hirsh brought their expertise to the table, ensuring that every element of the transformation was executed with precision. From dismantling the old setup to preparing for the new, their teamwork was the cornerstone of this project’s success.

A Big Thank You:

Betteridge’s decision to entrust us with this project was a great honor. We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the project management and construction teams at Watershed and Hirsh for their unwavering trust in Ground Force Logistics. It’s their vision and collaboration that made this transformation possible.

This project is a testament to the power of collaboration and the expertise that makes all the difference.



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