Watches of Switzerland in Hudson Yards.

At Watches of Switzerland in Hudson Yards, excellence extends beyond the timepieces on display. When luxury brands decide to revamp their shop-in-shop spaces, they turn to the trusted expertise of Ground Force.

With a reputation for precision and professionalism, Ground Force is the go-to team for seamlessly swapping out old fixtures and ushering in a new era of elegance. Our commitment to quality and the right credentials make us the preferred choice for prestigious locations like Hudson Yards.

What sets us apart is our ability to orchestrate after-hours deliveries, ensuring minimal disruption to the shopping experience. We collaborate closely with General Contractors to coordinate every detail, ensuring the transformation is executed flawlessly.

When it’s time for a luxury watch brand to refresh its presence, it’s time to call Ground Force. Experience the difference we make in redefining luxury shopping at Hudson Yards.


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